Monday, 7 February 2011

school site layout

this was our first paper draft of our school website, picking a certain colour that will be our school colour and then using labels to explain our layout. on this page we used a layout that could cover a range areas such as text, images and videos.

school site brief

This is my edit of a photo on photo shop

This is a photo taken for my school site. I have used PhotoShop before at GCSE so I was able to use the magic wand to go round the outside of the image that I wanted and pressed delete to have have left the image that I wanted, after that I had the cropped image left, then I got an image of an american football and shrunk it to size so and placed it in position to look like we were playing American football. I think it looks good and I think my PhotoShop skills are going to help me build this site a bit more quickly.