Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Evaluation, second write up.

Over view of my webiste

Overall, i fell that my new website was a massive improvement of the old one, having much more information on every page whilst every page had the same layout that i followed all the way through. One of my main conventions developing into the use of the thumbnail links on every page.

For this i had improved on my developmental skills by doing a lot more planning research before designing my website so when i came to designing it, i could follow my guidelines and create a better website with a lot more ease.

page 7

For me to improve this page i had to do a lot of work and research, it as very plain before but edited it by adding such images like the wristband, showing the authenticity of my website that they have their own branded clothing. to create that image took a lot of photoshop work as i had to create the image from scratch.

page 8

My final page, had to completely changed in layout, this was because it didn't match any of the other pages and i had to take away some information and add new images. The main aim being to match up the page to every other page.

page 6

The use of a Share your stories page creates that further realist and professional approach because it shows to the audience that they are thought about and that they can contact the website to receive help.

page 5

Throughout every page on my website i had the same layout of the main picture with key information of that page next to it, to maintain a professional look of the page i made sure all the text was the same size, colour and font and the every image used were the same as well.

page 4

This page has been improved by adding much more information, instead of the page just containing one video, it has a video with plenty of other surrounding information such as other stories, plus the thumbnail links that have become a big part of my website layout. Throughout the website i used my own photography to give it a realistic effect, plus lots of other images that i photoshopped before placing them on my website.

page 3

all of my new pages follow the same layout theme that i got from my planning and research, in particular "helping for heroes" It is through my research that i got the idea for having the thumbnail links.

Page 2

Again like my first page, i have added much more information to all my pages, adding thumbnails with more images and links to further information. my main aim being to fill up each page ands not leave as many gaps on the page.

Front page

This is our final front page for our website. compared to our original home page, this has been improved massively, filling more of the page and having much more information on it. plus fitting more conventions that a home page should such as having more links to other pages and other sub headings if information. having the smaller thumbnail pictures with the links ha a more realistic approach to the website, plus the newsletter, showing that we are a fully established website with much more information to share.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Starting Page

This is what my starting page looked like when i opened my blank document, from i started by adding a page down the side and creating the colours and other aspects using tools such as the "inspector" and brining in my own photos and edits from Photoshop and other areas.

Starting progress

when designing my website, i made sure that i didn't use a template and chose blank when the main menu tool bar came up, i chose blank as it allows me to be very creative with my work and this way, i have no boundaries to what i can do. With the creation of this website, i will link in other software's such as photoshop to make sure that my website will look as professional as possible.

New Website

After looking at the pages seen below, and with the grade i got, i decided to go back and re edit my website, using the same colour scheme and style, but aiming to change the layout to match more realistic websites such as "help for heroes". I will use such websites as a guideline for my own, looking at the conventions used so i can make sure that i use them and hit the target conventions for a website. For improvements to my current website, I a going to add more text to each page, as they look empty at the moment, as well as text, i will also add more photos and images to each page, giving the reader a full understanding of the website.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Analysis of a real campaign website

This site is a great example of a campaign website because it contains all the key signs and persuasive elements which a campaign site should have and which I need to build into my own site.
  • Imagery of someone needing help - Silhouette of soldiers carrying someone on a stretcher
  • Donation boxes with the charity branding
  • A mission statement at the top of the home page
  • Slogan -"Support for our wounded"
  • Reference to "money in", "money out" and "wish list" in the banner area
  • A famous quote justifying their cause
  • Buttons for "How we can help", "Donate" and "Stories"
  • Photographs of fundraising events and links
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Key messages
  • News
  • Sign up for newsletter
  • Charity status and copyright
  • Colour scheme has meaning and fits with the brand and the idea of England or Britishness with the Red and Blue colours.
  • The use of the medal is also important in the logo because it connotes the type of hero the charity is referring to.
  • The site uses the conventional layout with a three column structure, logo top left and the navigation bar at the top, in the banner area

Sunday, 1 January 2012

screen shot 8

screen shot 7

screen shot 6

screen shot 5

screen shot 4

screen shot 3

screen shot 2

screen shot 1

Our final website, consists of mainly the colour blue, this shows a calming relaxing website that looks very inviting for the target audience that we are aiming at, being very clear and understanding for viewers. I feel that the blue and the layout makes the website very easy to navigate and all the pages follow the same layout pattern and are all related in the same way so that all viewers can easily go through all pages without getting confused. I think the home page is the best and although I like certain parts of the other pages I think they could have more structure to look more professional.

this is my final home page, showing that blue is the main colour on our website, showing a calming, relaxing page that is suitable for our target audience.