Friday, 21 January 2011

school site survey

This is our survey for school websites, getting resulted that would help us design a school website that fits the target audience of school kids, helping us chose specific layers and colours so we can make a website that fits all the conventions that our audience is looking for.

School website research

Website research
From this work, I learned that the layout, content and language used on a school website is very important, using colours that link to your uniform and also that you have to use language that sells the school to viewers, but most importantly I learnt that the layout has to be easy to follow and easy to understand when looking at it. this has helped me a lot because it as allowed me to have a basic idea of what my website should look like and the type of layout I should be using.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Using a schedule

We'll use iCal to keep track of what we need to do throughout the project. This is an example here which shows how we can use it to keep track of pre-production, then production and post. We can complete a full version to cover the weeks we've been assigned then we can print it out and put it in our folders. Neither Connor or I are very organised so we will need to develop this skill throughout the project. I think I'm good at meeting deadlines but I sometimes find it hard to manage other people because they don't always want to work when I do. We both work too so we need to keep to our schedule to enable us to work together well and meet the set deadlines. We'll communicate with BBM and Facebook to talk about the details and re-arrange if we need to. So our schedule will very much be a working document.