Wednesday, 21 December 2011

First Sketches and Analysis

These are the rough sketches I drew with Connor so we could agree on a basic layout for the site. All the pages follow the same conventional 3 column layout and this helps keep a consistency throughout the website. Having a consistent layout will make the website appealing for the visitors and makes it easy for them to navigate. We will be aiming to use will be blues and whites because they have connotations of calmness and relaxationand that fits with the message we want to send from our website and it would appeal to our younger target audience of 15-30. The only issue with these sketches is they can't really help us with what to put in the columns and how the text will look against the designs. They can only be used as a starting point for the design and I'm sure the site will keep developing as we go along. It's also good that Connor and I were able to agree on the design fairly quickly so we should be able to work well together on the assignment.

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